Classico Women's Urban Jacket White

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Classico Women's Urban Jacket White (Size Guide)

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Adopting a beautiful décolleté line, the collarless jacket combines the beauty and functionality of high-end materials.

Its design is collarless and neatly displays the cape and neck. With a slightly deep V zone for a formal look, this jacket will give a trustworthy impression to patients. In addition to neat bracelet length sleeves that do not get in the way, slits around the cuffs allow one to easily roll up the sleeves for a feminine look. On the inside of the left side is a pocket reserved for pens made from fashionable linings. Super easy care and non-iron, this is a collarless jacket for those seeking a sophisticated style.

Item Number: 993
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Material: 100% polyester
Stretchable, non-iron, non-see-through, quick absorbent, quick-drying, static-resistant, stain resistant, and lightweight
*The pattern of the lining may differ from the photograph.

Model: Model: Height: 170, bust: 78 cm, waist: 58cm, hips: 86 cm
Size: M

Material Quality

In addition to features such as lightweight, absorbency quick-drying, static-resistance, high stretch-ability, non iron, non-see-through, the collar is designed to prevent lining stain and has passed Grade-4~5 of the stain resistant test. As part of the new fabric “Urban Tech” series, this jacket defies the common sense of polyester material with its soft and silky touch.