Nurse Shoes: Slip-on with Ruffles

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Nurse Shoes: Slip-on with Ruffles (Size Guide)

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Nurse shoes with elegant ruffles emphasizing the subtle and adorable style.

Slip-on nurse shoes with adorable ruffles on the uppers. Subtle addition of gelato pique logo on the sole and under the ankles gives the shoes an even more stylish touch. The upper is made of mesh, insoles and soles have air holes at the bottom for prevention of sweatiness and provision of comfortableness. The shoes are light at about 140 g and keep your feet from getting tired.

Item Number: 611
Color: White
Size: 8.9 inch, 9.1 inch, 9.3 inch, 9.4 inch, 9.6 inch
Material: Synthetic Leather, Synthetic Fibers
Heel Height: 1.2 inch
Weight: 136 g (at 9.3 inch)

* The pattern of the lining may differ from that in the photos.

Model: Height: 168 cm, Chest: 75 cm, Waist 60 cm, Hips 87 cm Size: 24.5 cm