Classico Men’s Scrub Pants DECO

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Deep Navy
Brown Gray

Classico Men’s Scrub Pants DECO (Size Guide)

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An elegant design as if adorned by accessories.
A fabric with a texture unlike any other. Both fuse to create a formal impression.

Decorated with silver lining on the side pocket for an elegantly feminine design. Loose around the hips and no band around the waist, for a sleek front waist silhouette. Designed to bring out the features of the stretchy knit material, with a sleek, delicate line from the thigh to the hem, giving a very feminine design. Available in two colors, Deep Navy and Gray.

Item Number: 711
Colors: Deep Navy, Gray
Sizes: S,M,L,XL,XXL
Material: 100% polyester
Breathable, stretchable, non-iron, absorbent, fast drying, lightweight

Model: Height: 170 cm, Bust 78 cm, Waist 58 cm, Hip 86 cm
Size: M

Material Quality

First in the industry, this scrub uses a new fabric with a fine and wool-like texture, yet silky and smooth on the skin. Features all-encompassing functionality, including good ventilation, stretch-ability, water absorption, quick drying, non-iron, and easy laundry care.