Men’s Lab Coat: Short-Sleeve Coat Cool Tech

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Men’s Lab Coat: Short-Sleeve Coat Cool Tech (Size Guide)

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For cooler comfort and higher quality fashion.

This short-sleeved lab coat provides coolness with about 8 times more breathability.

Our Cool Tech Short-Sleeve Coat for men features high-performance fabric that is lightweight, stretchable, and ultra-moisture wicking — ideal functionality for warmer months and stuffy offices.

The design theme of the 2019 model is “Returning to the Classic / Resort”. This classic short-sleeved style is achieved with a casual-looking pocket, a semi peaked lapel on the collar, and a more compact v-zone with the 3-button look. With some adequate room in the silhouette, the detail in the back belt will create a beautiful shape from the back. The shoulder area features a front shoulder design that fits the Japanese body perfectly and is so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re even wearing it while working at your desk. The inner pockets on each side of the jacket are perfectly sized for smartphones and also include a pocket for a pen. This classic and elegant design is functional, yet steeped in the breeze of a resort.

The flower hole on the lapel is a “boutonnière”, creating a classic look. The lining and piping are made of “Seersucker” fabric – the unevenness on the surface creates a refreshingly cool feel when combined with stylish stripe patterns.

Item Number: 286
Color: White Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material: 100% Polyester Breathable, stretchy, non-iron, absorbent, fast drying, lightweight

* The pattern on the lining may differ from the ones in the photos posted.

Model: Height 183 cm, Chest 92 cm, Waist 73 cm, Hip 95 cm
Size: M

Material Quality

The material is called “Cool Tech”, which boasts 8 times greater breathability - not only is it cool, this highly functional fabric is also fashionable, stretchy, non-iron, absorbent, fast drying, and lightweight. This material is very popular as it won’t sag even when items are put in the pockets, and it also features excellent tailoring.