Classico's Interview with Dr. Kwan

Posted on August 12 2019

Classico's Interview with Dr. Kwan


Dr. Kwan graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital. Currently, she is a general practitioner at a Japanese private clinic in Bangkok. Previously, Dr. Kwan used to worked at Siriraj Hospital and Hua Hin hospital for her internships. In her free time, Dr. Kwan likes to exercise, read books and cook new menus.


What motivates you to pursue a career as a healthcare professional?

Initially, I became a doctor because it was my mother's desire. However, that began to change when I started my clinical studies. It was my first experience seeing real patients. Although I couldn't make any decision for the patients at that time, being a part of their journey to become better was very uplifting, regardless of whether patients get better either on my own hands or I am just in supporting their care.


What does a typical day look like for you working with patients?

I currently working in a Japanese clinic which 90% of patients are Japanese. Besides doing treatment or giving an advice for patient's illness, sometimes patient need some information about living in Thailand as well.  And because they are far away from their home, they usually concern much more than usual in some aspects. So sometimes we need to deal with that too.


Could you tell the most challenging aspect of your role?

I think it is really challeging to find a balance betwen the patient's desire and things that are beneficial for them in order to give them the best care. Sometimes patient's desires just doesn’t' meet what they need or what benefit them the most. I have to carefully adjust these factors.


What is the interesting part of your job?

Because I deal with a lot of Japanese patient, some of their medical practices are different from the Thais. For example,  I have to learn a lot about their vaccine's schedule and their check up's requirements. Fortunately, I am able to consult with my Japanese doctor colleagues.


Why do you choose to wear lab coats?

Normally we wear lab coat for protecting ourselves from unwanted microbes or spilled fluid from our work. In addition to these benefit, a good lab coat helps us look credible and professional to our patients.


How did you come to try our Classico's lab coats?

I had first came across Classico's lab coats at my current position at this clinic several years ago. My clinic chose Classico to provide lab coats for our doctors and scrubs for our staffs. I didn't know about their rationale but I guessed it must have been because they are Japanese and they really trust this Japanese's brand.(laugh)


How would you describe Classico's lab coats?

When i first tried my lab coat, I was impressed by its pattern and cutting. Its design is much more like suit but perfectly retains the functionality of a lab coat.


What made you think that Classico's lab coats are different others?

They are really stylish and have perfect cuttings. Even more impressively, Classico actually listens to doctor's feedback. The lab coat that I had been wearing for over 3 years is not as stretchy as I would like it to be. Although it has a great cutting and perfect functional pockets, I could not really move freely. With Classico's new series of lab coat, the company uses the Urban fabric which is quite stretchy, making it very easy for me to move. 

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