Carry your pride on your chest!

Posted on August 13 2019

Carry Your Pride on Your Chest!

Embroidery for Lab Coat and Scrubs

We have a 100% customer satisfaction for our advanced embroidery service. More than 65% of all our customers get their lab coat and scrubs embroidered when they make a purchase with Classico.


Embroidery is on stitched on the left side of each jacket, with one exception: the Casey. Embroidery on the Casey is placed on the right side.


Embroidery can also be placed on the left or right sleeve of the jacket. 

Fonts & Sizes

Currently, we are able to offer two choices for fonts: block and script. Generally, the font size is 8 mm.

*Appearance of embroidery

 Block letters: Parallel to the ground.

 Script letters: Parallel to the chest pocket.

 To learn more, please view our Embroidery page.


Testimonial from Japan: Kitasato University Hospital -  Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

Buy in team

buy in team

“To increase the team's sense of togetherness, we had designed our team logo and unified the team's medical attire.” -Hidehira Fukaya


We have been talking for a long time about unifying the team's lab coats and scrubs. The purpose of unifying our attire is to enhance the team's sense of togetherness and teamwork. If everyone wears the same lab coat and scrubs, it will stand out to patients. We had chosen to use Classico because of the brand's fantastic design and functionality. Personally, I have been using Classico's products for a long time and it has been very durable.  

team buy

Regarding scrubs, we had chosen to use navy colored scrubs since it looks well-fitted regardless of gender. The decisive factor to use Classico's scrubs is their scrubs are easy to move in, comfortable and have many pockets. I always chose to wear scrubs when I am in the office instead of wearing shirts and ties because they are comfortable and look professional. Scrubs have large embroidery on their backs.

team team

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