Brand Story / Why people wear lab coats

Posted on May 30 2017

Brand Story / Why people wear lab coats


“Why are there no stylish lab coats?”


In our quest for a solution to that problem, we determined to take it upon ourselves to design a lab coat that never existed before.
There were only two of us at the time.


The simple question is the origin of Classico.
Classico’s mission is to solve that question.


We made as many lab coats as possible to package and ship them to our clients over the weekend.
The two of us worked really hard.
“This is the best lab coat I have ever worn!”
We felt encouraged by such feedback from our clients.


Our attention to details and the finish may seem over the top for most people, and they probably would not see a value in it.
But the smile on the faces of professionals who wears our lab coats proves our value.


Once you wear it, you cannot go without it.


This is a photo of our team who share the same values.


We want to deliver our lab coats to you as soon as possible.


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